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and have proven — that a well-designed, well-executed air conditioning system brings complete comfort with a decrease in utility costs.

We are ready to deliver such a customized air conditioning system solution to you.

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At Schneider’s, we deliver total air conditioning and cooling system solutions. That includes designing complete cooling systems for new or historic homes and businesses, providing air conditioning repairs and maintenance, and resolving complicated and long-standing cooling system problems to restore comfort and cost-savings.

We specialize in:

  • Low-velocity air conditioning systems

  • High-velocity air conditioning systems

  • Central air conditioning systems

Our track record and our clients verify that a well-designed, well-executed cooling system brings complete comfort with almost zero maintenance and repair requirements. We are ready to deliver such a customized cooling system solution to you.

Heating systems frequently require customized sheet metal and duct work if they are to adhere to industry and manufacturer guidelines. Schneider’s is one of the only HVAC contractors who will design, fabricate, and install custom sheet metal and duct work for your home or business. With custom sheet metal and duct work, your heating system will be 100% green, deliver major cost savings, and have a significantly longer lifespan.


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