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Since 1986, Schneider’s has demonstrated a commitment to quality that is unsurpassed in the heating and air conditioning industry:

Our commitment is to:

  • Precision
  • Dependability
  • Understanding
  • Environment
  • Savings
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Value






  Any HVAC contractor can come in, unwrap a heating or air conditioning unit, and hook it up. Whether or not it works well is left up to chance. At Schneider’s, we work differently. We come to your home or business and take a detailed evaluation, then prefabricate the heating and air conditioning system at our office to ensure that it is customized and optimized to the finest level of detail. We then ship it to the job site and install it, minimizing debris, downtime, and inconvenience, and maximizing comfort and efficiency.
  We are proud to give personalized service at all times – that means we answer and return phone calls promptly, and keep you in the loop during a heating or air conditioning project.
  We believe that a well-informed client is a satisfied client. That is why we encourage you to ask questions at any time throughout your heating and air conditioning project, from the planning stage until completion. We’ll be glad to explain any details you would like to know so that you are perfectly comfortable with your new heating and air conditioning system.
  Green, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems are all well and good – but they are neither green nor energy efficient unless they are installed properly. At Schneider’s, we ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is working optimally: for you and for the environment. And, of course, we recycle everything, from discarded components to packaging materials.
  Reducing operating costs is a major consideration when installing or upgrading a heating or air conditioning system. Our systems typically operate at cost reductions of up to 30-40% – and can substantially reduce your maintenance budget.
  It is an unfortunate truth that the HVAC industry is not subject to audits and investigations to ensure that work is done to code. However, Schneider’s is committed to 100% compliance – so you receive 100% safety.
  Your home is your castle, and our goal is to leave that castle spotless. So before we leave – each day and at the end of the installation – we make sure the work area is immaculate.
  We offer a 2-year, 100% warranty on all we do. And in almost 30 years of business, we have never been called out for service issues on any heating or air conditioning installation.
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